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The race for the cheapest flights to Australia in Christmas is on !

This year, let us make it easier for you to book Christmas flights. If you are going any where in Australia, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne or the heart throb of Australia Sydney, it is easy to make your selection out of the following cheapest flights to Australia this year. 

Firstly let us discuss three best fares or cheapest flights to Perth. 

Lufthansa: Lufthansa stands on top in offering the lowest fare to Perth with exclusive cost starting from only 523 GBP.

Air Mauritius: The second top carrier with the cheapest fare offered this December is none other but Air Mauritius. Air Mauritius, flying indirect to Perth is starting from nearly the same as Lufthansa i.e. 545 GBP. 

British Airways: This third cheapest flight to Perth is surprisingly offerd by world five star carrier British Airways. Starting from 561 GBP, British Airways has offered its lowest fare so far for Christmas flights to Perth. 
Now, if you want to be considered lucky and book this fare, the best way is to make an advance reservation. Simply, the sooner the better.

The flights to Melbourne are ranked slightly in a different way. The top airlines operating from London to Melbourne offering the cheapest fares are: 

Air China: Air China, although not ranked a 5 star airline, still has a reliable reputation. The indirect flights with Air China are selling from 436 GBP from London to Melbourne.

China Southern: Progressing in leaps and bounds, China Southern though quite similar to Air China is slightly higher by offering 488 GBP as the lowest fare this chriostmas.

Royal Jordanian: Now this is where the fare increases began. The airlines ranked 3rd in the race of cheapest flights to Melbourne is Royal Jordanian starting from 520 GBP. Royal Jordanian is a well established airline.

While discussing cheap flights, let’s here not forget to see who’s on top and who’s not in cheap flights to Sydney in coming season. 

China Airlines: The china Airline, including China Eastern, China Southern and Air China are taking the lead by offering cheapest Christmas fares to Sydney ranging between 320 to 500 pounds approximately. 

Etihad Airways: Thank fully, we have this Arabic carrier who is offering 550 GBP as starting fare for Sydney. Unlike many other Arabic carriers that start from 650 to 800 pounds, this Arabia carrier is no less in standard in quality of services but the only difference is that it has taken the lead in offering cheap fares to Sydney among other competitive Arabic airlines.
Lufthansa & BA: Lufthansa, Air France and British Airways are on the third position this year in the least offered fares for Sydney. By starting their price from 553 GBP to 570 GBP. 

Lets consider here, that even within December you may come across many different deals, For instance the above fares are offered in the first two weeks of December. As you will start moving towards the middle of the month, the fares will reach their peak. Again, the decline in prices is expected from the Boxing Day onwards. The cheapest however, is to travel in the mid of January or Early February. Otherwise, you can simply book at a earlier date to get benefited from the cheapest rates arrived in the market for a limited time.

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